Photo of original Van's Garage in Leland Michigan
Original Van's Garage circa 1933
Photo of Owner JP
Owner JP
Photo of John VanRaalte (Van)
Former Owner Van
Photo of Technician Jason
Technician Jason
Photo of Technician Clint
Technician Clint
Photo of Technician Ian
Technician Ian
Photo of technician John
Technician John

Photo of present day Van's Garage

Present Day Van's Garage

Opened in Leland, Michigan, down the street from its current location, Van's Garage has been taking care of all flavors of vehicles since 1933. Now owned by the third generation of the VanRaalte family, quality auto repair clearly runs in the family. Alongside members of the VanRaalte family, our exceptional staff is made up of highly qualified, ASE certified, crew members who have worked with us for a combined effort of over 30 years. All of that experience allows us to expertly repair any make and model that comes our way.

While we work on all makes and models, new and old, we have a special fondness for vintage cars and host the annual Leland Classic Automobile Exhibition each year to give our many customers an opportunity to show off their treasures. Held each year in mid-September in conjunction with the Leland Heritage Festival, it's a great day for auto enthusiasts to treat themselves and everyone else to enjoy our small town.

Whether you need service or repair on your everyday driver, tinkering on your vintage beauty or restoration of your beloved treasure, stop by and say hello, take a look around our garage and our beautiful town, there's always something cool here!

Photo of Van's Beach

It's not all work!

Picture of Odin

Odin the Shop Dog